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You’re independent,
but you’re not alone.

No matter the size or location of your agency, there is no getting around the people aspect.  Hiring is an essential part of what you do.  In order to grow your agency and be successful, find the right talent to make your vision a reality.

Talent acquistion can be a challenge in today's environment. According the the 2022 Agency Universe Study, four in ten agencies find it challenging to find and screen job candidates with potential. We're here to help!

Big "I" Hires is a program developed by the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, Inc., and is intended to be a comprehensive solution to
finding and recruiting new talent, assessing, onboarding and training with ease through a full suite of resources.

Attract and Retain Employees

Big "I" Hires℠ has curated resources to help you find, hire, assess and engage your team.

Start Hiring Today

Big “I” Hires,℠ in partnership with IdealTraits, offers a single-use platform to find and hire the best candidate. And with an insurance specific assessment built in you can see the potential behind the resume.

National Job Board 

A career in insurance can be rewarding with a multitude of roles and career paths available.

Search the Big I Job Board to find your next opportunity.


Assessment tests can help make good hiring decisions, especially during the early part of the process. Pre-screen candidates for personality, insurance ability, technical knowledge and sales acumen.

HR Support

Organizations of any size need HR policies and procedures in place.

Affinity HR offers guidance on policy, procedures, compensation issues, an HR support plan and much more.



We signed up on the IdealTraits platform on Monday. I posted three positions. One is rather unique in that it is something potentially new for us, a Digital and Communication manager. I worked with John Hill on the description and he was very helpful.  In 24 hours we had 33 submissions for that position of which 13 are worthy of consideration and of them, 4 or 5 are really good. Would not have happened without this tool. Make that 34.  One just came in as I was writing this. Good stuff! 

Agency Owner



DIY Step-by-step guides and templates are user friendly and customizable and take you through the entire hiring process from preparing, launching, screening and onboarding. Available for producers and CSRs.



Lean on IdealTraits to help post jobs, receive candidates, assess skills and identify and hire right candidate for your agency.



Are skill sets appropriately matched to the job? Evaluate each candidate’s knowledge and personality and then determine sales ability and performance potential.