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A full suite of employee assessment instruments and hands-on guidance to help you achieve your business objectives are available through Ranahan Business Consulting.

Areas of focus include:

- Pre-screening, interviewing, selecting and on-boarding new employees

- Selecting and developing sales and service employees

- Motivating and improving quality and productivity

- Resolving conflict between co-workers and supervisors

- Improving team effectiveness

- Strategic workforce and succession planning

- Identifying and developing high-potential employees and managers

In getting started - we recommend the Step One Survey II in combination with the Sales Indicator.  The SOS II that measures work ethic, integrity, reliability and attitude toward substance abuse along with the Sales Indicator that measures core competencies for sales within the insurance environment.  The Customer Service Profile is available that measures the competencies for service.

A risk-free consultation is available to help select what is best for your particular needs and design an approach that will work for you.

Be sure to mention your Big I member status when calling.