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Sales Call Reluctance Testing

How many times have you hired agents whom you're sure have tons of potential for selling, but once hired, they seem to fizzle out,
or consistently sell fewer policies than you need? Let Sales Call Reluctance Testing help!

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Sales Call Reluctance


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They Have the Potential and Personality but WILL THEY SELL?
Connie Kadansky, MCC

How many times have you hired agents whom you’re sure have tons of potential for selling, but once hired, they seem to fizzle out, or consistently sell fewer policies than you need?

You’ve helped, coached, and trained them, and you absolutely believe they can sell, but still they don’t – or at least not enough. Or they may be adequate at getting renewals but cleverly  avoid new policy sales. Or they may sell to individuals and miss the huge potential of strategic alliances, which could multiply their prospect list exponentially.

So you let them go, or they quit for a plethora of reasons, including the old catch-all that they’re “not making enough money.”

Now you’ve lost precious sales time and hiring costs, not to mention lost policies and revenue, plus the time and cost of starting over again.

At the same time, your carriers are pressuring you for more – more new policies, higher retention from renewals, and more revenue.

If this sounds totally or even vaguely familiar, read on.  There’s an effective, fast and proven solution.


The Effective, Fast and Proven Solution, Usually With Immediate Results


·         The solution:  The SPQ Gold/FSA -- the only assessment in the world that measures for Sales Call Reluctance.  It will tell you how much your candidates will sell, how soon they’ll start selling, and how difficult/easy it will be to coach and train them.  The information you gain will also help guide your interview process, so you can focus on critical behaviors of your candidates.

·         How does it work?  The SPQ Gold/FSA identifies how well an agent will initiate contact with enough prospects, and what specific sales behaviors and markets they might be avoiding without even realizing it.

·         Initiating enough contacts on a consistent basis is the key to sales success in any industry, and especially with insurance agencies.  And it’s not just “cold calling.”  Whether it’s with strategic relationships or maintaining current business by staying visible (i.e. “caring”), all types of contact initiation is imperative.

·         How accurate is it?  Scientists have researched, validated and tested the SPQ Gold/FSA for over 40 years, with hundreds of thousands of salespeople in insurance and other industries.  It has consistently shown high validity and reliability. The probability that the testing results are due to chance is less than 1 in 1000 (p<.001), and a recent study showed that the assessment predicts high sales performers with 89% accuracy.

·         If you choose to hire the candidate, the SPQ Gold/FSA turns into a coaching and development tool.  You will be three months ahead of the performance game by knowing their strengths and immediately coaching their areas of improvement.

·         What about agents we’ve already hired?  The SPQ Gold/FSA is valuable for current sales agents too.  It pinpoints areas for coaching and development, and for guiding them toward behaviors that improve results.


Sample Results that Clients Have Experienced


·         After using the SPQ*GOLD for 18 months, and comparing % of reps meeting or exceeding quota, the improvement was 59% higher.

·         After testing a large sales force and comparing their results, those with lower (better) Sales Call Reluctance scores had sales 25.4% higher than those with high (worse) Scales Call Reluctance.  Close rate for this same group was 12% higher.  Call volume was 36.6% higher.

·         Three months after testing and coaching an inside sales team of twelve people, the group’s sales had increased by 132%.


Contact information: For more about how Sales Call Reluctance Testing can help, or to order, call (602) 380-5431 and be sure to identify yourself as a Big "I" member.